About george chapman

George Chapman, P O Box 520653, Salt Lake City, Utah 84152,  ​Telephone: 801 867 7071​, gechapman2@gmail.com

I am a veteran but I am not a politician.  I want to work for the citizens of Salt Lake City and I don't want the citizens to work for me.  I want to go to the neighborhoods, the community councils and the people instead having them have to go to CIty Hall.  I want to be your Mayor rather than have you be my citizens.

I grew up overseas while my father worked for the United Nations on infrastructure development projects in underdeveloped countries.  My family returned to Utah (both my mother and my father were born in Utah) while I was in second grade.  I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in chemistry and a commission as a Naval Officer.  After the U.S. Navy, I worked for a nuclear company and a defense contractor.  I eventually concentrated on RF/radio frequency/cell phone engineering and I spent the rest of my engineering career in that field.  I retired a couple of years ago to Utah.  I love the mountains that I used to hike and bike.

I was an avid bicyclist.  I used to ride 10 miles a day (including to my ship).  I especially loved the bicycle rides up Millcreek Canyon.  I analyze the bicycle infrastructure everyday in Salt Lake City from the perspective of a former bicyclist (I don’t like cycle tracks).

I spent most of my career in San Diego where I was a botanical research fellow at the San Diego Zoo and on the Executive Board of our community council (over 100 attendance every month).  I was also on several San Diego School District boards.  As president of a San Diego business association (in Sorrento Valley) we planned rail and bus stations and economic developments and encouraged technology companies to come to the area (next to UCSD).  I was also on the San Diego Solid Waste Management Board (after fighting against and stopping a burn plant), and on the San Diego Trolley Site Review Board for the Green Line.  I was put on the third line board after unsuccessfully fighting against the second Trolley line that went through primarily residential areas.  The fights that we fought in the 80s against tax increases and rezones and gentrification in San Diego from rail are exactly the same as the fights that we are having now in Sugar House.  Mayor Becker is attempting to put 105 foot tall high density towers on single-family home lots next to the streetcar/TRAXcar line.  Only the City Council has stopped him (so far).

I have always been interested in reducing air pollution and non-homogenous burn plants like Stericycle (SLC is its second biggest customer!) and the Layton burn plant.  I also want the refineries to stop flaring gas and capture and reuse the gas.  I also want to not allow any traffic projects unless there has been an analysis of the effect on congestion and air quality.  SLC has not been doing that and it has resulted in traffic calming that has increased air pollution.  Everyday I see poor traffic engineering that results in more air pollution.

​I have five children and five grandchildren.  Unfortunately they have spread out to the four winds, in states surrounding Utah (Utah is in the middle).  I regularly walk four plus miles a day and enjoy walking the sidewalk trails of Salt Lake City.  My hobbies include reading, walking and attending community and government meetings.  I get  the news that never reaches the papers that way.  I also enjoy encouraging people to get more involved in government.